Welcome to Florida's premier education organization.  PEN has been successfully serving teachers since 1995.  PEN PROTECTS YOUR CAREER by EMPOWERING you with information, giving you a REAL VOICE in education issues, providing professional REPRESENTATION and excellent LEGAL PROTECTION, and all at an AFFORDABLE COST. We provide PROFESSIONAL PEACE OF MIND while inspiring all educators to lead the way to a BETTER EDUCATION for every student. 

President's Note

2013-2014 PEN of Florida Membership Dues

PEN of Florida works hard to keep membership dues at the very lowest possible amount to still give our members the best in legal services.  PEN of Florida has not increased dues for the past four years. PEN membership dues will increase beginning August 1, 2013.* We are happy to announce that this increase will only be $3.00 per month for the professional category.  PEN experienced an increase in the premium for our members' legal insurance benefit last year and PEN also added another attorney to our staff so we can continue to provide you the very best in legal protection for your career.  PEN of FL will continue to operate as frugally as possible and keep membership dues lower than any other association but still provide the very best legal coverage for this crucial membership benefit.  Below are the new yearly membership dues:


                                                                        Current                       August 1, 2013


            Professional                                        $180                                        $216


            Husband/Wife                                   $255                                        $310


            Associate                                           $130                                        $156


            Associate Husband/Wife                 $175                                        $210


            Private/Charter School

                        Professional                            $130                                        $156


                        Associate                               $93                                          $111.60


*We would like to offer the incentive to pay your membership prior to August 1 and pay at the old price. 

Steve Chambers
Chairman of the Board
Professional Educators Network of Florida
Classroom Teacher--Okaloosa County Schools

Latest News


PEN is aware of the current concerns of its members regarding the VAM (Value-Added Model) portion of the teacher evaluations that were implemented pursuant to the Student Success Act.


PEN's understanding is that there are two distinct issues:

1. Whether there are errors or data inaccuracies on evaluations of individual teachers?

2. Whether the law itself is flawed?




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